Colour: The Top Buying Trigger for Boosting Retail Revenue

As a business owner or marketer it’s your job to get customers to buy more. For this reason, you need to know all the little things that impact buying behaviour. Initatives like advertising, social media, and loyalty programs all play their part in raising your bottom line.

But beyond all that is one of the most simple, fundamental buyer triggers that very few smaller retailers these days seem to be taking advantage of.

Colour: A Powerful Persuasion Trigger

Colour while often super subtle, stands to be one of the most powerful persuasion triggers for anyone looking to sell anything, and especially retailers and eCommerce store owners. Consider this: nearly 85% of consumers say that colour is the main reason why they purchase a specific product, according to the colour Marketing Group, an organization for colour designers.

In this post, we’ll explore how colours impact purchasing behaviour.


Colour is a powerful and persuasive visual cue that retailers use to influence buyer behaviour


Using Colour to Influence Buyer Behaviour

Leading brands are associated with the colours used in their logos and every colour has a different psychological effect on the human mind. When it comes to marketing, store signs, window displays, and the overall decor of an establishment, specific colour choices can entice customers to spend their money.

Consider these colours when it comes to influencing the buying behaviour of consumers:


You’d be hard-pressed not to walk through a department store during a clearance sale and not come across a sign or two using large, red block letters to advertise major price slashes. Red is an energetic colour, and one that raises the heart rate. It also creates a sense of urgency, which is why many bigger retailers use it in sale signs and the like.


This aggressive colour is not only one that evokes a call to action, it also makes people happy. And happy customers are more likely to stick around your store longer, upping the odds of them making a purchase.


To grab customers’ attention, using yellow can work wonders. As they waltz by your store front, shoppers will be likely stop in their tracks when they see a sign with plenty of yellow. Why? Because yellow is the colour that is first perceived by the retina in the eye. Think about traffic signals, or even emergency vehicles. They all make use of yellow to alert the public.


This cool colour is typically used by banks and businesses because of its association with trust and a level of security.


This earthy colour is associated with relaxation. The calming effect on customers can be reassuring and inviting for them, which can help develop a stronger level of trust among consumers and make them feel more comfortable buying from you.

Don’t Overpower the Product You’re Trying to Promote

Before you choose a colour to highlight a specific product, make sure you carefully consider whether or not the context is right. If you’re trying to market a sleek line of modern furniture, for instance, too many flashy, bold colours will take the focus away from the sophisticated look of the product.

On the other hand, using too many bold colours for a line of newborn baby products will work against the delicacy of the product. Instead, pink and yellow would work well for the baby line, while black would suit the sophisticated furnishing products.

Colour Tests

Colour usage should always be subtle and considered. It should be tested and analysed for effectiveness. You can do this by putting together an hypothesis (e.g. Putting up a SALE sign in red opposite the front counter will make customer buy more of the product on sale) and testing it.

But more than just in-store testing, anybody can take advantage of colour tests with ad banners they publish, or the buttons on their website. If you’re currently running a loyalty program, you can put together a range of colour based tests on the email promotions you send out to customers.

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