How Your Restaurant Can Profit Off Load Shedding

Assuming you have a generator, load shedding is great news for your restaurant/bar/coffee shop, especially if you already have a successful loyalty programme. Fact is, when the lights go out, no-one wants to be sitting at home in the dark, or twiddling their thumbs at an office that’s got no power. And if your clients already love you when the city’s got power, they’ll love you even more when they hear you’re power cut-proof.


5 Ways to Use Blackouts To Keep Your Shop in The Black

You’re already doing all you can to appeal to customers when the power is on. But when the electricity goes out, it actually gives you an excuse to do a few things that surprise and delight, as well as take care of their power-hunger. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Get the word out: Make sure customers know that you have a generator before the lights go out. That way you’ll spring to mind as their first choice when they’re looking for somewhere to eat, work or power up their phones and computers. For those customers who are already members of your loyalty programme, let them know via SMS or email and give them an extra incentive like earning triple points. (For more on a loyalty programme for restuarants, click here).  For other customers, be sure to put up some eye-catching signage.
  2. Launch load shedding specials: People are already annoyed that the power is out, so why not help them part with a little cash for that unplanned meal by launching a load shedding special (with extra benefits for your loyalty programme members) – that way they’ll happily visit your restaurant. Also, don’t sneer at those who’re just there for the coffee – keep them happily using your power and Wi-Fi for long enough and they’ll soon order something substantial.
  3. Design a black out menu: Extra points for this one if it glows in the dark – put together a black out menu that’s packed with specials (see why above), especially ones that are easy for you to handle while you’re running your establishment on a generator.
  4. Let your customer work or recharge their devices: Yes, everyone loves your food, but equally important when the lights go out is their hunger for power. So, make sure you’ve got extra plug points and extension leads available for those who need to work on their laptops and charge their phones and tablets while digging into one of your scrumptious specials.
  5. Extra Wi-Fi: With people not able to access their office Wi-Fi networks, they’ll want to make a serious dent in your gig allowance – so make sure (upgrade if you need to) your Wi-Fi service is fast and free and you might just win yourself new clients for when the power is on!

Implement these ideas and your customers will look forward to load shedding knowing full well that you’ve got their back. And, being there for your customers when they need you most, that’s what we call loyalty.

For more info about how to get your own super-effective loyalty programme up and running, read more about creating your own loyalty programme.