How to Launch a Truly Unique Loyalty Program

Loyalty marketing with a rewards program can be a powerful way for you to show your customers some love, boost brand awareness, and collect loyalty member buy data. But loads of retailers these days underestimate the importance of differentiating their loyalty programs.

This has resulted in a landscape in which most retailers have loyalty programs, but very few lack the awesome sauce to motivate customers to actually sign up and engage.

How to Launch a Truly Unique Loyalty Program

A great loyalty program excites customers in a way discounts never could

There are a number of ways you can differentiate your loyalty marketing program from others, and they go well beyond branding your loyalty card with your logo. In this article, we’ll explore a few of the most effective, so you can showcase the uniqueness of your brand in a loyalty offering, giving it the attention and participation it deserves.


Segment Your Customer Base and Tailor Programs to Each Segment

The most savvy businesses target selected segments of customers with different types or levels of rewards or benefits. For example, a chemist may offer a general customer loyalty program as well as a loyalty program for new parents, that offers points for things like diapers and rewards that are tailored to the needs of parents of young children.

Another way to segment your customer base is by offering tiers of membership. Airline frequent flier programs often do this, allowing members to advance to higher customer loyalty tiers the more they fly. The more a customer purchases, the more points or rewards she earns. It’s a way to reward the most loyal customers most generously. Many customers are eager to share the news when they advance to a higher rewards level, and you can make it easy for them to do so with a social sharing button in your email letting them know they’ve been “promoted.”

You can determine the best way to segment your customer base by researching the demographics of your social media followers, identifying the types of people that frequent your store, or even sending out questionnaires directly asking customers what they want from a rewards program.


Use Program Names That Resonate With Participants

Taking time to develop a meaningful and memorable name for your loyalty marketing program can pay off over time. Try to come up with a name that strikes an emotional chord with your customers. For example, if you want convey the feeling of exclusivity to your rewards program members, you could think of a name that includes words like “insider,” “inner circle,” or “elite.”

If you have multiple programs, you should give the different tiers or programs appropriate names. A tiered program, for example, might name each successive benefit level after a particular gemstone or precious metal (as credit cards have long done with “gold” and “platinum” cards).


How to Launch a Truly Unique Loyalty Program
Make your loyalty marketing program name relevant to your business and meaningful to customers


You Can Call “Points” By a More Creative Name

The points that your customers amass by participating in your loyalty marketing program don’t necessarily have to be called “points.” Airlines assign “miles,” American coffee chain Starbucks assigns “stars,” and UK health and beauty brand Pixi confers “Pixi dust” with loyalty purchases. Be creative and try to come up with a name for points that is relevant to your brand and customers.

A pet supply store could, for example, refer to points as “treats” or “biscuits,” while a garden supply store could refer to points as “seeds” or “blooms.” In addition, you can create a unique visual representation to go with whatever you call your points that further differentiates your program from competitors.


Loyalty programs Are Everywhere

Loyalty programs are everywhere, and that’s because they work. A well thought-out and well executed loyalty marketing program helps businesses attract new customers, retain existing customers, and learn more about their customer base so they can fine-tune marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness. In addition to creating a loyalty program that offers what customers want, injecting creativity into the program through segments, tiers, memorable names, and creative points systems can help a program stand out from its peers.

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