Train Your Staff Before Launching your Customer Loyalty Program

It’s no secret that customer loyalty programs done right will massively impact a business’s bottom line. What you may not know is that how well you train your staff members on the rewards program has a big influence on how customers will perceive and enjoy the program. That’s why it’s so vitally important to make sure everyone is on board with the program and on the same page.

All employees need to be on the same page when it comes to understanding how to help customers use their customer loyalty cards.


Educate Employees about the Loyalty Program

Make sure that all employees know the particulars of your customer loyalty program. They need to be able to answer all the common questions that customers will have, so go over what the frequently asked questions are likely to be.

Be detailed about how employees should respond to questions. It’s advisable to have an easy-to-use guide on hand in case an employee gets a question that they can’t answer. The guide will allow employees to give the right answers when they forget or simply don’t know.

Write a Script for Employees to Memorise

It’s essential to make sure all your staff can communicate the benefits of signing up in one sentence. This may mean you need to write up a script for employees to memorize in order to successfully pitch it to customers when they check out. Make a script that’s succinct and easy to say. Be sure it focuses on how the program can benefit the customer.

Keep the Program Simple

The best loyalty programs are usually the simplest. The reason being that customers can grasp the benefits immediately. Simplicity can be created through tangible benefits and straightforward programs.You can also use signage like posters and countertop displays to illustrate your program benefits.

Knowing how to present the customer loyalty program to customers is crucial to its success.

Encourage Enthusiasm From Employess

Coach all employees on the importance of tone and attitude when speaking to customers about your rewards programs. People will be quick to pick up on any irritation that employees may have about responsibilities related to adding and distributing points. No customer wants to be a bother, so make sure that employees always act excited to help people sign up for the program, earn points, and use those points.

Unexpected Issues are Bound to Come Up

No matter how well you try to coordinate the introduction of your customer loyalty program, unexpected issues are bound to come up. Go over the protocol for dealing with any potential problems that employees may face. For example, if the questions that customers actually ask end up being different from what’s anticipated, encourage employees to write these down and share with others. This makes it possible for you to keep everyone up to date with the same answers.

Customer Loyalty Programs Are a Useful Tool

Customer loyalty programs can be a tool for you to improve sales, increase brand recognition, and inspire greater loyalty among your patrons. When you train employees to present the reward program in the best light possible and to go out of their way to help customers get the most out of the program, you are setting yourself up for long-term success. Contact us to learn more about this fun and efficient business tool.