Start Your Customer Rewards Program with a Pilot Launch

A rewards program can do great things for your business from the moment you introduce it to your customers. In addition to inspiring loyalty by showing customers that you appreciate their patronage, it can result in a massive increase in profits, when done right.

Inviting customers to join the pilot launch is a great way to say thanks.

The Best Ways to Roll Out a Powerful Pilot Launch

How you debut the program can have an impact on how it’s ultimately received, so you may opt to start the program with a pilot launch, for one store only.

This gives you some time to work out potential problems before encouraging all your customers to join. In this post, we’ll explore a few of the best ways to roll out a powerful pilot launch.

1.Invite Special Customers

The best pilot launches have explosive knock-on effects. One good way to make the first batch of members feel special is to send out personalized invitations to them. This should go to all customers who’ve already joined a mailing list and indicated an interest in hearing from your business. Word the invitation in such a way that you indicate that this early membership is a privilege and a way of thanking your best customers.

2. Have a Sign-Up Day

After the initial members have joined the customer rewards program, you may want to broaden your reach by having a sign-up day during the pilot launch. During the sign-up day, you should offer incentives for customers who join immediately. It could be a free product or service that’s small but still a nice enough incentive to inspire several people to join. Getting several members to join on one day makes it possible for you to start seeing how the program works on a larger scale from one specific starting point.

Earning that first reward from points can make customers feel great.

3. Ask for Feedback

In addition to the feedback that your staff will have about what they observe regarding the program’s pros and cons, you want to hear directly from customers about their likes and dislikes. In exchange for the privilege of benefiting from the pilot launch of your customer rewards program, you may ask for detailed feedback from its early users.

Feedback can be acquired via an online survey, paper questionnaire, or questions that your employees ask at check-out. Just make sure to have a specific plan in place to receive feedback from your pilot launch.

4. Transition from the Pilot Launch

As your first members start to see the many benefits of being a part of your customer rewards program they will probably tell others. This means you will gain word of mouth promotion for the program, which can be priceless. When additional customers want to join, you need to have a system in place to let them know how and when they can join. Building interest is good, but you don’t want to make anyone feel excluded. Have a plan in place to start adding new stores and members, and make sure all of your employees know an inclusive way of encouraging all customers to join.

Keep Working on your program

Finally, keep in mind that your customer rewards program is likely to more than pay for itself in the long run, and it can lead to major profits and a better reputation for your business. Throughout the pilot launch, keep working on improving how the program is perceived and used in order to maximize the benefits your company will ultimately receive from it. Contact us to learn more about getting started and succeeding with your customer rewards pilot program launch.