Integrating A Bounce-Back Offer Into Your Loyalty Program

Bounce-back offers are coupons or codes that are issued after a customer has made a purchase at your store. These coupons are generally only valid for a limited time, like a week or two. And their value is usually more significant than a regular coupon. The end goal is to have the customer come back and purchase more from your company. Much like a traditional loyalty program, just a little more aggressive.

Bounce-backs are great for generating short bursts of traffic during the quiet seasons. And have proven hugely effective for big retailers like Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret over the years. But when implemented with paper coupons, bounce-backs are just a costly way of bringing customers back one more time.

When combined with loyalty software, bounce-back offers can provide 10x more value to the businesses running them. This post explores a few of the biggest advantages of combining bounce-back offers with loyalty programs to create a lifetime customer out of everyone who walks through your doors.


Testing Different Rewards In The Context Of a Bounce Back

Just because your rewards program is working, doesn’t mean it’s optimized. And optimization doesn’t need to be complicated. All you need to do is try out a few different flash promo campaigns that run for limited periods of time and review the results to see which worked best. This is as easy as logging in to your loyalty software’s online dashboard and going through the redemptions.

It’s vital to understand that the best loyalty programs and organic living things, that change and grow as customers change. The fact is the more you switch up your promotions, the more opportunities you have to communicate with your best customers and keep your brand top of mind. Bounce-back offers provide a measurable way to test the effectiveness of your promotional ideas.

Loyalty Programs Allow You To Automate Your Bounce-Back Promotions

With a loyalty program, you can automate bounce-back promotions so that they’re not reliant on your staff in any way. Instead of having them hand out coupons and vouchers while you attempt to track all the coupons manually, your bounce-back offer can all be setup on your loyalty software platform.

It can be designed to auto-generate a unique code for every purchase and fire off an SMS with it when a loyalty customer makes a purchase.

Get Long-Term Value From Short-Term Flash Promos

Much like other short-term flash promotional ideas like loss leader strategies and holiday specials, bounce-back offers provide a temporary boost in sales and foot traffic.

The great thing about adding loyalty to the mix here is that new customers who want to participate in the bounce-back offer will give their cell phone numbers and can be put onto your loyalty program.

This means you can market directly. And because your loyalty program has all their purchases on record you can make sure the promos are aligned with their buying habits.

Loyalty Plans and Long-Term Strategy

Loyalty rewards programs will likely be an integral part of your long-term plan to continue to attract new repeat customers as well as keep existing ones satisfied.

But in addition, you should definitely consider exploring a bounce-back strategy to boost customer acquisition efforts during the dry seasons. Contact us to learn more about how a rewards program can help your business grow.