7 Ways To Surprise and Delight Your Best Customers

Customer satisfaction is dead. A satisfied customer will abandon you in a moment for a better deal, a closer shop or after one bad experience. Customer astonishment is the new standard.

Today’s customer needs to walk out of your store astonished by who you are, what you offer, and how you serve it up.

In this post we’ll explore 7 ways to knock the socks off your customers so they stay with you for life, recommend you to their friends, and brush off any mishap without a second thought.


1. Partner with companies your customers love

If you’re like most of the best retailers around the world, you’re constantly exploring your customers’ buying data to get a deeper understanding of exactly who your customers are and what they want.

But what if there’s something you know they love, that you don’t provide? This is where partnerships come into play.

Customer astonishment is a team effort. And sometimes it requires you to leverage the products and services of other companies to deliver a powerful co-branded experience.

Recently Uber did something like this with the #ubericecream campaign, partnering up with ice-cream manufacturers all around the world to deliver ice-creams to anyone who ordered in a major city in one of the 38 participating countries.

2. Give your customers the opportunity to give back

Giving a portion of your proceeds to a charitable cause can help raise awareness about issues you are passionate about.

This will also make your customers feel like they are doing something worthwhile with their purchase. And ultimately feel like better people for shopping at your store.

Find out exactly how to go about setting up such a program easily using our loyalty software here.

3. Give back with every purchase

While most people always say they want to give back, everybody knows charity starts at home. This is why loyalty programs have proven to be some of the most effective ways to increase customer retention by giving customers cash back on every purchase made.

You can offer points on purchases that customers can later redeem, as well as give exclusive discounts or early access to new items. With The Loyalty Box you can also offer gift cards at discounted rates.

A premium service (where there is a subscription fee) can also pay off. For example, Amazon says their Prime members spend twice as much as non-prime in spite of the $99/year cost.

4. Unexpected freebies

Loyalty programs are terrific for collecting powerful buying data on your best customers. But most retailers aren’t getting as much value out of this data as they could be getting.

Get creative with the perks, perhaps offering customers a combination of items at an exceptionally low price. Use their buying habits as a guide to what they may want or need.

Everybody likes freebies – a quick way to reward loyal customers is to offer them something free with their next purchase. It can be a good method to boost sales of a particular item or get rid of excess inventory.

5. Make your customers part of your brand

Frequent purchasers/visitors to your website are also great ambassadors for your brand. Feature their testimonials or product recommendations on your home page or social media posts.

This will show them that they mean more to you than just revenue. It will empower them and strengthen their loyalty.

And also hopefully encourage them to become even greater brand advocates by sharing your promotions with their friends.

6. Reach out to your customers on the days that mean the most to them

Sending a thoughtful, personalized SMS or email (with a discount or freebie) on your customers’ birthday can be a great way to make them feel special.

If you asked for their birthday when they signed up for your loyalty program, it’ll be easier. Otherwise you can see their birthdays by checking on Facebook if you have a page.

The more you know about your customers, the more detailed you can get with your promotions.

So if you’re a retailer selling baby products and you have clients who consistently buy nappies, you can send Mother’s Day promotions around that time for example.

7. Throw your customers a party

You can host an in-person event at your store or even do something online, inviting only your best customers.

If you have a brick-and-mortar outlet, events can be a great way to increase foot traffic and generate buzz. You could have a party with bands or live entertainers, or speakers you know your customer will enjoy.

You could even just sponsor an event and invite your entire mailing list or social community.

It is More Cost-Effective to Reward Your Best Customers

Common marketing wisdom tells us that it costs at least 4 times as much to acquire new customers. That’s why it’s so important (and cost effective) to reward your best customers and keep them coming back for more.

The Loyalty Box can help you implement the ideas mentioned in this article and others, using our software, clients are regularly seeing returns of 300%+ on every promotional message sent.

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