Is there a limit to the number of stores I can have?
No there isn’t, you can add as many stores as you like to your program(s), just remember, you will be billed for each individual store.
Can I run a loyalty program and a gift card program for the same store?
Yes you can, you are able to run any number of programs across your store(s).
I am a VAR/ISO and have many clients, can you help?
Yes we can, send us a mail or give us a call and we will tell you about our value added reseller program.
Do you offer refunds?
No we don’t, but you do get a fully functioning 14 day trial to test out our tools.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No long term contracts. You only pay month to month. In the event of cancellation a calendar months notice period is required.
I am a big company, can I get an SLA?
All our customers, big and small get excellent service level agreements however if you have specialised requirements then please contact our sales team and enquire.
Do you offer a trial?
Yes we do, you get a 30 day free trial. Sign up here.
Which payment methods do you accept?
Visa/Mastercard, Paypal, Debit Order and EFT.
I already have a loyalty program, can I use your tools?
Yes you can. We can import your existing customers and cards for you and combine them with any new cards you issue. This way there will be no interruption to your customers.
What will it cost if I need more than 100 000 customers or 100 000 transactions?
You just need to add another store license.
Can my clients use their loyalty card at any of my locations?
Can I separate all my locations so that my clients can only use their card at their local branch?
Do I have access to my customer database?
I have an existing loyalty program and my clients already have loyalty cards. Can i use these on your system?
Yes you can, as long as you can send an excel sheet with the card numbers we can import this into the system (however must be between 15 and 16 digits)
If I am not using a POS that you are integrated into can I still run loyalty?
Yes, via the webterminal
Do I have to print Loyalty cards?
No you can use your customers’ cell phone numbers as their “card number” with a keypad for them to enter their number at your front counters. You can also ask your customers to download our mobile app which is 100% safe with 2 factor authentication, allows them to add multiple cards, earn points, redeem points and check their balances at any time.
Is card printing included in the pricing?
No it is not, we use an outsourced card company and get special pricing through them (pricing depends on quantity)
Do I have to print my cards through you?
No, you must get the card data from us though
How does The Loyalty Box make money?
The Loyalty Box makes money through a setup fees and monthly fees per store. Contact us for more information.
What other costs are involved in using this service?
Aside from the setup and monthly fee, our clients do pay 30c per SMS in South Africa and between 60c and R1 for outside South Africa for SMSs sent to their card holders through our system if they decide to set up campaigns. There are additional costs related to signage, design and marketing however we aren’t involved in these services. Another additional cost is if you require onsite training. This is charged at R950 per hour (including travel time).
How will billing work for the monthly subscription fee?
The Loyalty Box subscription fee billing cycle runs on the 7th of every month, payment is made for the month in advance by means of debit order either from your preferred credit card or bank account. Pro Rata fees may apply where applicable.

Here are some scenarios:

  • If your loyalty program works using a customer’s cell phone number or our APP it is set up within a few working days and ready to go live to your customers. So the monthly subscription fee commences from the 7th of the following month which may include any pro rata amounts owing.
  • If your loyalty program works by issuing your customers cards we allow for a 4 weeks grace period after we receive your debit order mandate, this is to give you sufficient time to produce your loyalty cards.

How will billing work for the setup fee?

  • If your loyalty program is integrated into your POS, Your setup fee will be debited as soon as the POS has been notified to commence with set up.
  • If your loyalty program is managed through the web terminal your debit will run as soon as setup is completed.

Can I import my existing cards into The Loyalty Box?

  • Well, simply put YES….it is easy for us to take over any existing loyalty program you may be running.
  • Included in the import would be the customers details and any balances on the card.

Do I have to order my cards through The Loyalty Box?
The Loyalty Box orders tens of thousands of cards a month so we get preferential rates that we pass onto our customers. BUT Cards can be ordered through any of your preferred suppliers, However please ensure that the card number printed on the card and any barcode or magstripe encoding is done using card numbers that are generated by The Loyalty Box.
Can I order a sample card?
All sample cards are charged at R350 ex vat excluding delivery. *prices are subject to change.
How long does it take for cards to be produced?
Cards take approximately 20 working days for production, after receipt of payment and signed off artwork.
What if my card doesn't look how I thought it would?

  • We always advise to get a sample card printed before signing off on artwork.
  • Once artwork is signed off the order is considered final and binding, however should the card design not match the final artwork sign off then The Loyalty Box will resolve this.
  • Please note unfortunately we cannot guarantee exact pantone colour match.

How can I get training to use The Loyalty Box?

  • We have a well-documented resource library, to assist you with training. We offer both video walk through and manuals to assist you.
  • However should you require a consultant to provide training this is billable at R950 ex vat per hour excluding traveling.

Do I get support?

  • Yes we have a dedicated support team backing you all the way and a great resource library providing you with documented tutorials and walk through videos.
  • Support queries will be billable at R650 per hour for all tasks that can be performed by you in the admin area or web terminal, should you want us to do it for you.
  • Please send support queries to

How much do the sms’ cost?
Sms’ cost R0.30 ex Vat (Locally) and between 60c and R1 (International).

Alternatively you can export your customer data and send through your existing SMS portal.

Can I get a discount?
We do offer discounted pricing for larger franchise chains. Please contact support or sales team to enquire.
How do I become a reseller?
If you’re interested in becoming a reseller, please contact our sales team to enquire.
What do I get as a reseller?
We have a number of incentive based reseller programs that we’re running with partners all around the global, please contact our sales team to enquire.
How can I integrate this into my POS system?
If we’re not currently integrated into the POS system you’re using, please get in touch with our sales or support team to tell them who you’re using so that we can begin the integration process. We have an accessible API that makes integration quick and easy.
What POS systems is The Loyalty Box integrated into?
You’ll find a complete list of the POS systems we’re currently integrated into HERE
Can this work on my E-Commerce website?
We’re integrated into many eCommerce platforms and are able to integrate into others quickly and easily
Is there a minimum or maximum number of stores I need?
What are the transaction Fees?
There are no transaction fees involved in a contract with The Loyalty Box.
Can I send out marketing communications to my loyalty customers?
The Loyalty Box allows retailers to automate the sending of SMS and email promotions to their customers based on spend using the online campaign manager.