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Tailored loyalty programmes that address your unique needs

The Loyalty Box makes it simple and straightforward to setup any kind of loyalty programmes you can imagine


Create a Complete Range of Segmented Loyalty Programmes


Single Store or Multi Store Options


Include Partners and Charities In Your Loyalty Programmes



Flexibility – A loyalty solution that goes where you go

Platform Independent

We work via the web, on mobile, on most point of sale systems which means your customers move between your store environments seamlessly.

Card Independent

Import your existing cards, issue new cards use a mobile number as the card number. We’ve got you covered!

Custom Solutions

Have a crazy request? We have a highly skilled development team capable of developing your customizations. Contact your sales agent to get more information.

Sophisticated Rules Engine – 100’s of Options

With hundreds of options and combinations to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild

Customise Earn/Redemption Rules

Set custom earn and redemption rules – per program, card type, card holder demographics, store location, date & time, amount spent, goals reached, products bought

Event Types – reward a customer for an event type

A store visit – Get a free cup of coffee on your 3rd visit
Points reached – Get 100 bucks cash bonus when you reach 500 points
Utilization – Swipe your card 20 times this month and get a free movie ticket
Spending Tier(s) – Spend 100 bucks or more and get 5% cash-back
Unlimited Rule creation


Incentivise your card holders

If you do X then you get Y
If you reach X points then you get Y reward

Products/Brands or Departments

Create rules and promotions for specific products, groups of products, departments within your store, specific brands or suppliers. Want to drive sales to your new breakfast special? Setup the products and restrict the time to early morning and you ready to go.