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Powerful retail marketing is hyper-focused, timely and relevant

Automated Triggers – Based on buying behaviour

Set up rules to automatically fire off promotional campaigns when certain conditions are met. For example you could:

  • Say “Thank You” via sms/email when your best customers buy
  • Send regular customers a reminder sms/email when they break out of their usual buying habits
  • Send a Happy Birthday promotion with a limited time coupon
  • If your customer crosses a certain spending threshold, make sure they have your manager’s name and number for personalised service.


Bulk Retail Marketing Campaigns

Want to tell your customers about a new product in-store? Use our campaign manager to filter down to exactly the customers you want, then send them an email/sms campaign. You could even give recipients a discount code for specific products. This strategy could also be used to gauge the effectiveness of your promotional messages and test new products you’re looking to bring in.


Last minute deals

With The Loyalty Box software, you can set up and implement a cross country, limited time only, retail marketing campaign in a matter of minutes.

Alternatively you can limit your last minute promotionals to a select few of the most quiet stores to influence buying behaviours and get more feet through the door.