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You’re in Control

Stay in control of your various programs via our client admin area, anytime, from anywhere.
Access everything you need to stay on top of your programs via our web based admin panel.
A campaign not going well? Change it on the fly and immediately it’s active across all your stores.

Manage your Customers

View customer details, check balances, create new card, change a rule for your VIP customers, export your customers to excel.

Manage Employees

You decide which employees are allowed to perform certain transactions. Perhaps you are busy, appoint regional managers to look after sections of the stores for you.

Manage your Rules

Setup new rules, cancel poor performing promotions, adjust your sms/email replies. Within 3 seconds the rules are updated across all your stores, websites, POS’s etc.

Live Reporting

Watch transactions coming in LIVE via your computer, iPad or other mobile device. Pick up problems before they escalate, identify slow moving stores or promotions.

Manage Your Loyalty Programs’ Cards and Customers

Use our powerful card management features to take care of your customers

One Card – Multiple Stored Values

One card could store cash, points or unlimited custom values. Each purse (wallet) can be used at a single location or many. This gives you GREAT flexibility.



Sign the customer up right from the Point of Sale or via your e-commerce site. Alternatively have the customer fill out a paper form and capture their details at a later stage. You can even have the customers “Self-Register” via your website; mobi-site or facebook page.

Customer Data

Link customer information securely to the card. Store main contact information; address details; birthday + custom fields. Use this information to target your communications very specifically.

Manage Cards

Activate, deactivate cards if they get lost or stolen. Send new cards off to your favourite printers or have us do it for you.

Card Types Accepted

Magstripe, Barcode, QR Code, Bank Cards, Virtual Cards or Mobile Numbers. Not sure if your card will work, please contact your sales representative.