PDF Walkthroughs

Everything you need to know about The Loyalty Box

Getting Started Guides (for those who want to set up their own programs)

Getting Started Guide

How to Load a Gift Card Rule

How to Create a Time Based Rule

Artwork Specs & Examples

Designing your Loyalty Card

Card Size Template

Registration Form (4 pages)

Registration Form (double sided)

Mobile App – Table Talker

How to launch a direct marketing campaign

How to Add Campaigns

How to Load Marketing Credits

Point of Sale Integration Docs

GAAP – How to Guide

GAAP – How to Guide (With Gift Cards)

Dolfin POS – How to Guide

POS Control – Quick Guide

POS Control – How to Guide

Pilot – How to Guide

IQ Retail – Quick Guide

IQ Retail – Points Redemption for Accounts

IQ Retail – Loyalty Setup

IQ Retail – Loyalty Cashup Procedure

IQ Retail – How to Guide

IQ Retail – How to Guide (Using Cell Numbers)

IQ Retail – Gift Card Quick Guide

IQ Retail – Accounts Sale Loyalty

Managing the Admin Area

How to Export a Customer List

Loading Products for Specials

Navigating the Reports Tab

What to do if a Customer Loses Their Loyalty Card

Transferring a Card

How to Add a New User

How to Change Your Admin Password

Loading a Pin for Employees to Access the Web Terminal

Checking a Customer’s Balance

Moving a Card Number from One Card Set to Another

How to Create Vouchers

How to Create a Birthday Voucher




General Information

The Loyalty Box Walk-Through

The Loyalty Box Mobile App

Mobile App – How Does It Work?

Mobile App – How To Guide

Merchant Sign-Up Forms

Debit Order Mandate

Integrated eCommerce Docs

Magento – Setup Guide

Magento – Transaction Guide

Magento – Quick Guide

WooCommerce – Setup Guide

WooCommerce – Transaction Guide

WooCommerce – Quick Guide







Using the Web Terminal

How to Guide

Printing Installation

Capturing a Line Item Sale

Enrolling a New Customer