Video Support

Everything you need to know about The Loyalty Box in a set of concise video walkthroughs

Getting Started Guides (for those who want to set up their own programs)

How to Load a Gift Card Rule

How to Create a Time Based Rule


Point of Sale Integration Guides

GAAP – How to Guide

GAAP – How to Guide (With Gift Cards)

Pilot – How to Guide

IQ Retail – How to Guide

IQ Retail – How to Guide (Using Cell Numbers)

IQ Retail – Loyalty Cashup Procedure

King POS – How to Guide

Managing the Admin Area 

How to Export a Customer List

Navigating the Reports Tab

Navigating the Rules Engine

What to do if a Customer Loses Their Loyalty Card

Transferring a Card

How to Add a New User

How to Change Your Admin Password

Loading a Pin for Employees to Access the Web Terminal

Checking a Customer’s Balance

Moving Card Numbers from One Card Set to Another

How to Create Vouchers

How to Create Birthday Vouchers

Using the Web Terminal 

How to Process Loyalty Transactions

How to Enroll a New Customer

Capturing a Line Item Sale

Eyecare Professional Video

Eyecare Professional Patient Video

How to Void a Transaction

How to Launch a Direct Marketing Campaign

How to Add Campaigns

How to Load Marketing Credits


Integrated eCommerce Guides

Magento – Setup Guide

Magento – Transaction Guide

WooCommerce – Setup Guide

WooCommerce – Transaction Guide